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Baby Finger Food Recipes

Summary:As babies get older and are able to grab things with their little fingers, it’s a good idea to start teaching them how to feed themselves with finger foods.

They can still be nursed or bottle fed and spoon fed, of course, but letting them learn how to get food to their mouth with their own hands is an important step to independent eating. There are some simple and easy ways to create tasty, nutritious finger foods that your growing baby will love.
Most babies are ready to begin finger foods around 6 to 9 months because by this time most are sitting up unsupported and are able to pinch things with their thumbs and index fingers, unfortunately this includes your skin as well.

There are some classic ones, such as chopped up banana. Bananas are a great first finger food because bananas are often one of the first liquefied foods they are spoon fed. This means they are used to the taste, but need to get used to the new texture.

Simply chop up a banana into little bite sizes, sit your baby in their high chair and put a few of the bites on the tray in front of them. Be careful not to give them too much at once, or you’re asking for a mess. Some babies like to experiment with gravity and the food ends up on the floor. It’s another concept they’re learning, after all. Also, never leave your baby unattended when he or she is eating finger foods. You want to be nearby if anything should go wrong. If the bananas prove to be a little too slippery, try coating them with some ground up cheerios. This will both taste great and make them much easier to grab. However, make sure to use regular cheerios and not the honey and nut variety.

Since I mentioned cheerios let’s continue with them. They are a great snack food and a great learning food for your child’s independent eating. As I said before, though, you must make sure to give them only the regular cheerios. Babies will have allergic reactions to tree nuts before they are a year old. You want to avoid giving them honey because of the risk of botulism. Honey and nuts are major ingredients in honey nut cheerios, hence the name. It tastes great, but hold off on introducing it to your child until your doctor tells you they’re ready. Let me also say that there are many little finger foods that are designed for learning babies and are flavored like different fruits, and these are all fine but they can be a little expensive. Cheerios accomplish the same goal and are much cheaper.

Another kind of food to look into are teething biscuits. They are great for relieving gum pain and help a baby learn how to self feed at the same time. If your child is going to eat meat, hot dogs are a great finger food, but make sure to buy either organic or from a baby food company, since meat is notorious for having hormones and preservatives. If you start early on ensuring baby’s health, it will help them immensely down the line.

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