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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Summary: So you’re going to a baby shower and you’re not sure what gift to bring. Welcome to the club. Thinking up unique baby gifts can be tough It's important to think of the mom-to-be's style, so before you go racking your brain sit down and read over these suggestions.

There are plenty of useful (and not so useful) infant gifts to choose from, but the safest bet I’ve found are the things that parents invest the most money in…baby clothes.Apparel for the bundle of joy can be the the best gift for the celebration. The baby clothing industry is huge for a reason – in the first year of a infant ’s life parents are buying clothes by the pile.

On the one hand, little one needs a whole wardrobe and on the other he or she grows out of that wardrobe every few months. This adds up to a good chunk of the family budget, and it doesn’t seem to stop until the newborn is an 18 year old leaving home!

The hardest part of choosing is whether to get boy or baby girl clothes. If the parents aren’t going to know the sex until birth, you could play it safe and get all things unisex, but that limits your choices to mostly yellows and greens.

After a while that can get a little dull, and since parents can always return or exchange infant apparel, it’s okay to go for unique clothes.

Whatever you get, just remember to get more than newborn sizes. Newborns don’t even need that many garments, and it’s usually what parents get a ton of at showers. I would suggest getting 3-6 months and 6-9 months sizes because people don’t usually pick these as baby shower gifts, and the parents will sorely need them when the time comes.

Now all that’s left is to take a trip to the store and pick out a few choices. That wasn’t so hard, now was it? Some cute apparel or a personalized baby gift will brighten up the mother’s face and make a needed addition to the closet!
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