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Chinese Birth Year Signs

Summary:Those of us in the western world may not be familiar with Chinese birth year signs, so here’s a quick overview. The Chinese birth year signs, or Chinese zodiac as they’re also known, are basically like the astrology that one would find in the daily newspaper or magazine.

A favorite question in today’s society is “what’s your sign?” as if it is a major point of personality in an individual. Just like the newspaper astrology, the Chinese zodiac assigns birth dates to different animals and people born at these times have certain attributes. Instead of going by month around the calendar year, however, the Chinese version has a different animal for each year, with each animal rotating back every twelve years. The idea is that the people you are most compatible with depend on what animal year they are born under.

This has been taken a step further to say that a Chinese pregnancy calendar can tell you what your baby will be like before they are born. Many women desire a pregnancy calendar to tell them what to expect, most likely because there are so many unknowns when it comes to having a new baby, but the truth is that human destiny is no more controlled by the stars than the sun is by the wind. How do we know, you may ask? We, like many others, have curiously looked into the astrological predictions given and have found them to not match my personality or life one bit. We believe people have this strange little thing called free will that determines the direction of their life, and that the environment they grow up in has a great impact on the adult they become. That being said, it never ceases to amaze us here at how much people love to feel spiritual and seek after some sort of spiritual answer to life, yet how much we stop short in our efforts to find the answer. We’ll accept any idea that sounds good, so long as it can fit onto page 6 of the daily paper and doesn’t actually require us to change or do anything.

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