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Fake Pregnancy Results

Summary:Why would someone want to fake something as important as a pregnancy? There are a few reasons, most of them bad. Before going into the consequences of lying, let’s talk about the instances where a woman would create a false pregnancy as a practical joke.

Some wives have thought of tricking their families on April Fool’s day by getting a fake pregnancy note from their doctor, though most do not meet success. It’s important to remember how many emotions are tied to pregnancy. This is especially true when a couple really wants to have a child. It’s really best to avoid deceiving anyone about a subject this emotional.

Other women plan to fake a pregnancy in order to keep a relationship alive. This is simply a recipe for disaster, because even if the ruse is successful, eventually the truth will come out when no baby is born. Besides, many counselors will tell you that even if you do get pregnant, it will not save a failing marriage. A noted marriage counselor has been quoted as saying that the top reason for divorce is selfishness. Introducing a child into the mix will not help.

Many women have been tricked themselves by pregnancy tests that, after 10 minutes, show a faint second line, indicating pregnancy. They think ‘Am I pregnant?’ and rush to the doctor only to find that pregnancy test results are only valid in the first few minutes after the urine is applied to the stick. After a long enough time, all tests will show ‘positive’ results.

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