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First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

Summary:Many people think that missing your period is the earliest sign of being with child, but the truth is that there are other telltale symptoms of pregnancy that happen before your missed menstrual period. Here is a brief list of some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy during the first month.

Strong sense of smell: Yes, it’s true. Many pregnant women have an uncanny sense of smell when they become pregnant. If you find yourself smelling things that your nose didn’t notice before, or if certain smells like dish soap or detergent are much stronger than normal, it could one of the early pregnancy symptoms.

Tenderness in the breasts: As the pregnancy hormone begins to course through your body, many changes start to take place. Your breasts are already beginning preparations to feed your child after birth.

Nausea: Also known as morning sickness - this can kick in before your first missed period as well. Don’t worry, it’s actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Those same hormones making you sick are making your body hold on to the baby. Research has shown that women who do not experience morning sickness during pregnancy have a much higher chance of having a miscarriage.

Fatigue: It’s no surprise that all of the changes going on inside a mother’s body can carry a side effect of making her feel very tired. Of course, out of all the symptoms of pregnancy, this one can easily be confused as being normal, especially if the mother has a busy lifestyle.

Food cravings/aversions: A mom-to-be may crave some foods and yet not be able to stand others. Keep in mind that these cravings and aversions are much more intense than normal feelings towards food. If you notice a sudden change in your dietary desires, it could be time for a pregnancy test.

Mood Swings: Again, the pregnancy hormone can cause some drastic changes to go on physically and emotionally. However, this symptom can be confused with normal symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

This is just a brief overview of possible symptoms in the first month of pregnancy. If you are experiencing one or more of these, then you may be asking “Am I pregnant?” Let me just say that it doesn’t hurt to buy a pregnancy test and check. Most tests are able to detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine long before your first missed period.

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