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Male Pregnancy

Summary:Let’s talk about how a man can get pregnant. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Men don’t have the reproductive organs needed to carry life inside of them, so unless you use some movie magic or get a sex change, there’s no way to be a pregnant man.

Many think male pregnancy is a subject reserved strictly for the tabloids, but research has shown that a father-to-be goes through hormone changes in the same ratio as that of his wife. These hormone changes cause the same kind of effects (albeit to a much lesser degree) in men that you see in women, including weight gain, heart burn and different aches and pain. Some women find it endearing, others are just irritated, but either way it is a clear indication of a man’s involvement in pregnancy and the closest thing to a truly pregnant man you can ever find.

I’ve learned quite a few things about this pseudo male-pregnancy because I experienced much of it myself during my wife’s two pregnancies. One of the main side effects is weight gain. Of course, this may not be entirely because of hormones, but also the fact that the mom-to-be starts eating more, and it’s easier and tempting for the dad to eat more. A positive spin on this is that the couple can share in the experience of putting on pounds and working together to shed the pounds afterwards. Just keep in mind, dads, that you shouldn’t gain the same amount of weight during pregnancy and that you have to do more work post partum to lose the weight than your wife. Women naturally lose weight after birth, especially if they’re breast-feeding. Some of the weight gain to begin with is simply placenta, water and of course the baby. So, my fellow fathers, if you find yourself on this path, it may be wise to invest in a jogging stroller…for you to use, not her.

One of the most bizarre and intense experiences I had of male pregnancy was heartburn. This hits women in the later months of pregnancy, mostly the last trimester. It’s caused by pregnancy hormones slowing down the digestive system and making acid sit longer in the stomach. Another culprit is the growing uterus pushing the stomach and esophagus way out of its original placing. The resulting displacement of stomach acid leads to an endless battle with heartburn until baby finally arrives. Many women spend this time getting what little sleep they can with a bottle of antacid next to their heads. For some reason, even though I had no baby growing in my abdomen, I had some of the worst heartburn of my life during this time. It got so bad that I had to sneak some of my wife’s antacid when she wasn’t looking. However, in my defense I was very involved and active in both of her pregnancies, and my body was simply reacting physically to what was going on psychologically. So dads, don’t feel weird when these changes hit your body. To all moms I would like to say, remember that these symptoms are just signs that your mate is intricately involved in the pregnancy and loves you very much.

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