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Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy due dates can be tricky to find out, but with a helpful tool like a pregnancy due date calculator, the process is simple and easy. Of course, the first step before determining when your baby is due is to know for sure than you’re going to have a baby. This means getting a quality pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Calculator

When was the first day of your last menstrual period?


Number of days in your menstrual cycle

Likely conception date:

End of first trimester (12 weeks):

End of second trimester (27 weeks):

Your due date is (40 weeks):

Number of weeks you have been pregnant for:

How many weeks will you be pregnant on a given date?


Number of weeks you will be pregnant for:

On which date will you be pregnant for the given number of weeks?

The number of weeks:

Calculated date:

Given the birthday or due date, calculate likely conception date


Calculated conception date:

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If you haven’t missed your period yet, be sure shop for early pregnancy tests that are sensitive enough to notice the pregnancy hormone in your system. One brand that is popular is the ept pregnancy test, but the generic brands work just as well. Remember that pregnancy due dates can be tricky to nail down and will rarely be exactly predicted. Rather than expecting to know the exact date of your baby’s birth, plan on finding out your birth month. This is very helpful in determining where your baby is in terms of fetal development and what kind of measures you should be taking to stay healthy. It’s also helpful when you’re suffering through the first trimester morning sickness and need to know how much time you have left before you reach the second trimester.

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