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Swedish Bitters and Pregnancy

Summary:Taking anything while you are pregnant is a risk. Many moms have suffered through colds without so much as a Tylenol because of that fact. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering medications or herbal supplements, everything has side effects and those side effects could carry risks for an unborn child.

Swedish Bitters is an herbal mixture that has a variety of benefits, however it is questionable how safe it is for a pregnant woman to use. The concoction has been around since the 16th century and was invented by a physician from Switzerland. It was introduced to the public by a Swedish doctor in the 18th century, hence the name. The opinions vary widely as some say is can benefit a mom to be by easing morning sickness during the first trimester and can help induce labor during the last 14 days of pregnancy. It can also help to expel the afterbirth.

There is a long list of other benefits for everyone, such as the treatment of acne scars, but the fact is that none of those statements have been evaluated by a medical doctor or by an organization like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
The bottom line is, consult with your physician or midwife before taking any supplement or drug during pregnancy. There are many herbs in Swedish Bitters about which little is known concerning the side effects on a developing fetus, and pregnancy is not a time to be taking unnecessary risks.

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